Enterprise culture

     Beijing flew Recon company has always been committed to create its own distinctive corporate culture. Young and dynamic, professional and hardworking, talented and virtuous, fly corporate culture is the cornerstone of State services, career, Li Xin, Li de, was flying the essence of corporate culture. Despite the fly is a young company, but has formed its own unique culture, it is facing the Sun first class, down-to-earth work. Flying career is the morning sun, glow with vibrant spirit has first-class talents, first-class management, first-class service, first-class consciousness, do first-class enterprise is the pursuit of flying forever.

      believe that talent is the real driving force of the company, human resource is the first resource is the determining factor of development of the enterprise. Therefore, we propose a "business is the talent management" talent strategies, promote people-oriented management, implementation of people-oriented management policies. In the process of personnel training, the company has established a systematic and complete training system, commitment to employees in technology and capacity development provided various types of training, and is equipped with the appropriate performance appraisal system, employee rewards, promotions to provide objective and reliable basis.

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