Armed police in Henan province fire brigade related recovery

      armed police a fire brigade in Henan, 4 blocks 300GBSCSI RAID0+1. suddenly unable to access important data in the array, customers found to have two hard drives not recognized in the system.  

      customer sent sent to fly the hard drive data recovery center in Zhengzhou. Customer data belongs to secret level, fly guest and customer signed formal of confidential agreement Hou, started involved key process by professional tool detection found two block hard disk has serious of bad road, for insurance foolproof, fly guest professional engineers proposed should using professional tool made overall mirror, again line recovery data, by customer agreed Hou, fly guest engineers using involved key dedicated machine and dedicated hard disk smooth made mirror, zhihou analysis hard disk order, and block size, and partition format, related parameter, day that put data 100% recovery, Under the full supervision of the entire operation in the customer completed, customers of recovery is very satisfied with the results. And fly fast and efficient customer service quality and standard, strict secret process represents a high degree of praise and recognition.

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