Success stories

WD320G secondary trading success

Lee Mr last year purchase of 320G WD black disc recently found cannot recognition, power Hou has repeatedly of clicks sound, Lee Mr through friends found has a do maintenance of company wants to let they help recovery data, a week Hou Lee Mr was told data recovery failed, reasons is find not to spare parts, disc also was open has, helpless of Lee Mr through network found has Zhengzhou fly guest data recovery center.

      detected by the flight data recovery center engineer, judge for the head component is damaged, having had one, too many live-line operation is not possible, or opened for the first time into the dust will cause secondary damage to tell rotating disc. After more than a week, 70% data recovery, engineers discovered that during the recovery process, open environments, and technology does not cross the border for the first time, leading to a large amount of dust falling on the disc, there are symptoms such as bad sectors, scratches. For 70% the recovery results, Lee was able to accept, and that next time will look for professional data recovery providers like fly.

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