What is a hard disk bad sectors?

what is a hard disk bad sectors? Zhengzhou fly data recovery center to explain to you:

first, why there is hard disk bad track  

     quality of reason has its own hard disk bad track problem, there are effects of improper hard disk maintenance, users also use reason. Hard drive has bad sectors hard disk quality and aging out, mainly cannot treat the hard disk is usually used, such as memory, too few applications frequently access your hard disk, to defragment your hard disk too often, inappropriate overclocking, power quality, high temperature, dust poor, shock etc.

II classification  , hard disk bad sectors;

hard disk bad sectors can be divided into logical bad sectors and physical bad track two, the former is soft bad track, usually caused by improper use or operation of the software. Which is the real physical bad sectors, shows that physical damage on the hard track, can only be changed by the use of hard disk partition or slice as a solution.

  of the three, a hard disk has bad sectors;

once there is a bad track on the hard drive, and will show some abnormal conditions, such as a funny sound, unable to complete partitioning and formatting operation, error reading from file or run a program, etc.

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