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      file data recovery, insiders there's people don't know flying data recovery center, "doing data recovery, looking for flying" as the data recovery industry's mantra, flew why data recovery center can stand out among the many data recovery companies, outshine what? Fly to win, becoming China's leader in data recovery industry reasons are the following:  

    1  advanced data recovery technology standards.

     as we all know, server disk array RAID data recovery technology, open your hard disk data recovery technology, large database repair three technology types become a benchmark measure of a data recovery company. Flight data recovery center and holds three patents to fly guests to become China data recovery technology to create a breakthrough.

     flight data recovery center since the company was first established, you have perfect data recovery research and development institutions, for different types of data recovery dedicated stunt team, at present technology Department are: RAID data recovery team, a database restoration team, the operating system recovery team, hard drive opening technology research and development team. These special technical team experienced several years of hard work have made welcome in their respective areas of technology research and development results. For example: RAID groups successfully worked out a RAID6 disk p and Q check digit algorithm at the bottom, becoming China's first to RAID6 damaged two discs of the successful restructuring of RAID6 block 100% successful data recovery company to recover the information, this technology is also leading in Asia. Common principles of RAID5,RAID1,RAID0,RAID5E,RAID5EE of the underlying data structure, flying RAID technology research team successfully mastered. RAID data recovery success stories more than million.

     principle of hard drive technology research and development team has successfully developed common hard disk firmware information structure, the common hard disk brands like Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi firmware restoration techniques have successfully mastered, firmware restoration a success rate of over 95%, currently fly has developed a hard disk data recovery center open auxiliary machines, magnetic head position hard drive platters accurately placed to provide a strong guarantee Past trading data recovery success rate has been greatly improved.

     relational database technology, common types of databases such as Oracle,DB2,Sql Server,Sybase,Mysql and so on. Database faults are as follows: System01.dbf Oracle database file is corrupted, the database cannot be opened in normal load, series of ora errors appear during startup, Sql server in additional restore an 823 error numbers of the database, database questions prompt appears. Mysql database tables accidentally deleted, false T runcate, and so on. These common of database fault, fly guest database repair group technicians are a repair programme, database repair success rate reached 97%, fly guest data recovery center Development Department success development out has a for different database for repair of software, this software not through database of DBMS system repair database but using database file of data object of structure directly from bottom extraction data table records, as long as you of table records exists, on can success recovery, regardless of you of database whether can normal open.

     at present, the fly database repair team this year has made significant breakthrough in fragment reassembly database technology. This items technology than up for database data file for extraction table records and has has deep of progress, database debris restructuring technology is for user database file all lost of situation Xia for of, according to hard disk fan district had of table records, put dispersed in all different fan district of table records combination up, success extraction out whole table, this items technology is database repair most front-end of technology, currently fly guest has has breakthrough, world car giant Volvo company Sql server database file lost, Database fragment reassembly of the fly is to use technologies for successful recovery.


     fly in terms of secret data recovery is now the home of the best, flight data recovery center has a number of State-level recovery related qualification certificate, this certificate, national security agency currently has only two. One awarded to fly passengers, up to now, flying secret data recovery data recovery center success stories more than thousands, secret level type covered with classified, secret, top secret level three. Secret data recovery service by the army, the Government, and large highly.

    2  complete process systems and advanced data recovery services data recovery hardware

     to fly guest do data recovery of customer, preferred to signed wrote three a table single: first a table single data recovery work single (records customer hard disk information as hard disk SN,, hard disk capacity, hard disk interface type, customer personal information and so on), second a table single   data recovery agreement (for guarantees customer interests), third a table single   data recovery confidential agreement (for on customer data for absolute confidential, Not to divulge any information that customer data), these comprehensive services process is not found in other data companies. In terms of hard drive data open, fly with only a level 10 open clean room, security opened the success rate of data recovery is greatly increased. PC3000, flew with from Russia directly imported Super UDMA hard disk repair feature, most data recovery companies are some of the cracked version of the equipment, fix poor data security cannot be guaranteed.

     flying service and reflect the ability of large sudden failure of the server. Fly service stations in addition to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen outside also flew service outlets in other cities such as Xian, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Shenyang, Qingdao, Harbin, Dong Guan city, Urumqi, covering developed and middle of China's most developed city. These locations by flying within the network, ensuring the timely exchange of information and communication, a hard drive failure, a number of data recovery engineers to collaborate to ensure maximum recovery of customer data.

     in large server aspects, fly guest established specifically of 24 hours emergency phone, regardless of what time are can timely effective of contact to fly guest of line engineers, in emergency equipment programme in the, fly guest has mass storage equipment, currently reached 100T of mass disk array column capacity, to guarantee customer disk array column each a hard disk are can completely mirror, not customer disk array column directly operation, avoid not necessary of two times damage and cover.

     fly advanced and perfect customer service processes must guarantee the security of customer data, flying advanced data recovery technology, guarantees the customer the high success rate of data recovery. I think that data recovery, select Phone Phreak is a very wise choice.

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