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head burn, head, head of aging chip damage, magnetic head offset, disc scratch, magnetic distortion, motor damage, the common hard drive failure, opening almost the most viable means of data recovery. Almost all the data recovery service provider which boasts professional trading capabilities, but after a thorough investigation can be found, the so-called opening is not that simple.

open environment: Baiji super-clean are minimum requirements

If you visited the hard disk manufacturer, will be impressed by its high cleanliness of the environment. In fact, the hard disk inside, cleanliness has been ten level by international standards, fully meet the needs of human brain surgery. Have asked for such a high degree of cleanliness is not fastidious, but inside the hard disk platters rotating at high speed could not withstand the impact of fine particles of dust.

the same token, we cannot arbitrarily hard shell in the air open, otherwise it is likely to make hard scrap. Increasingly high storage density of hard drives these days, especially after the application of perpendicular magnetization, higher sensitivity to dust. At the opening in the process of data recovery, if you simply open the hard drive in a common environment, so the danger is understandable. Even ordinary qianji work station, cleanliness could not meet the requirements. According to the flight data recovery center r experiments showed that approximately 95% of hard disk in the air exposed for more than 10 minutes will be scrapped, approximately 40% hard drive qianji operator exposure for more than 15 minutes will be scrapped. If you place the console in qianji super-clean and formed local Baiji environment, exposure time, resulting in less than 30 minutes of data loss can be controlled within 1%.

for users who have suffered from disaster, anxious mood is understandable. But remember, the point is that you care about your data is not completely lost, if you select a data recovery service provider of the equipment is not in place, probably because "quack" and "sick", this simple truth should not have too much we told. Now flying guests in Beijing was established only ten super-clean, in Shanghai and other branches also have Baiji super-clean, only under such circumstances can we fully protect data security.

secret hard world: insight into the hard disk structure

despite the external structure, has some differences between hard disk, but its internal structure is exactly the same, after all, the essence of hard work does not change. After you open the hard drive enclosure, we can see the mysterious internal world, its core parts including body, spindle motor, read/write heads, seek motor and other major parts. However need to remind you that, do not feel free to open the hard drive enclosure, which would scrap it is easy to make your entire hard disk, internal hard disk not from being addicted to a speck of dust, or scrapped immediately. General hard disk repair internal structure even in demanding the super-clean.

disc from the physical point of view is divided into magnetic surface (Side), track (Track), cylinder (Cylinder) and sectors (Sector), 4 structures. Magnetic surface that is member of the upper and lower side of the disc, the first disc of the first magnetic surface is 0, the next is 1 magnetic surface; magnetic surface side of the second disc is 2, and so on....... Track which is when formatting the disk platters are divided into many concentric circles. The outermost track for 0, and toward the center of magnetic surface growth. In fact, the hard disk structure and familiar floppy disks are very similar. Except that its discs are comprised of multiple platters of overlap and separated by a washer and disc with metal discs (IBM used glass as a material), the surface is flat and smooth, and coated with a magnetic material.

read/write head assemblies

read/write head the component by the read/write head, drive shaft, transmission arm consists of three parts. When working in concrete, head through the transmission arm and shaft with fixed RADIUS scan the disc in order to read and write the data. Head is an integrated process made of a combination of heads, using non-contact-type structure. Hard drive is powered, the disk read/write heads rotating at high speed flight, fly only 0.1~0.3 μ m high clearance, you can get extremely high data transfer rates. New MR (Magnetoresistive heads)   magneto-resistive heads to read and write was used to separate the head structure, write operations use traditional magnetic head, read operations use MR heads.

  head drive mechanism

for hard drives, the head drive mechanism is a commander, it controls the read and write heads, send commands directly to the drive arm and transmission shaft. Head, driven primarily by voice coil motor, head-driven cars and anti-vibration mechanism. Head drive mechanism driving the head properly, accurately in a very short time to system commands on the specified track and ensure the reliability of data read and write. Generally speaking, the head mechanism of motor stepper motors, torque motors and voice coil Motors three, driven by voice coil motor now hard drive. The voice coil is the plug connected to the head in the middle of the magnet coil, when the current through the coil, magnet will be displaced and driven load head car and controller information encoded in the disk head position the distance to get the head, achieve accurate positioning purposes.

  4. Spindle Assembly

main bearing and spindle components of the hard drive motor, we can loosely think the decision bearing the noise performance of a hard disk, and motors in determining performance. Of course, this is not entirely, but basically expresses the important position of the two items on your hard disk. From ball bearings to the oil-impregnated bearings to liquid bearings, drive bearing in continuous improvement, liquid bearings have become now absolutely mainstream. Due to liquid as the bearings, so no direct friction between the metal, so that in addition to extend the life of the spindle point solutions, reducing fever in addition, hard drive noise control is the most important thing is to achieve breakthroughs. However it is to be noted that, using liquid bearing performance and no benefits, but will extend the seek time. For PC equipment, seems to be noise and performance are always difficult to balance the contradictions.

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