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    with the popularization of computer applications, as well as the paperless office, data recovery industry is increasingly growing, data recovery company sprung, small electronic market computer repair, to a professional data recovery company, claim success rate of data recovery 100%, and offers little more than hundreds of thousands of Yuan, the significant difference. What is the difference between these companies, how to choose a data recovery company?

our general data storage medium is hard, hard magnetic media record information. Hard disk capacity is limited, and our new daily data, delete, move, copy, and repartitioning, formatting a partition and other operations are performed on disc. This presents a problem, then the data or partitions made by operation will destroy the information recorded in this position before, resulting in data being overwritten and cannot be recovered. Such data loss, currently fatally, it means a permanent loss of non-renewable. Therefore, the success rate of data recovery and the action is inversely proportional to how much. In fact, not just for data and partitions will destroy data, incorrect recovery methods, processes, and driven by the interests of deliberate sabotage, will cause the data cannot be regenerated. Therefore, selecting the first data recovery company is essential.

Select a data recovery company, can be from the following perspective.

first, the brand awareness.

brand means credibility and security. Flying passengers since its inception in 2004, has been committed to brand-building, putting information security first unremittingly. Like, in detection hard disk Qian, active signed confidential agreement, ensure customer data but relief, this a commitment has national confidential Council issued of involved key qualification do guarantees, customer information security not a sentence talk; Furthermore, fly guest first established data recovery of process, and standard, and operation specification, ban engineers on customer original disc do any wrote operation, and human of damage disk media of operation, guarantees customer fault disc of original is, such, even you is not fly guest recovery data, took of hard disk still can to other company for recovery, So as to institutionally ensure the customer interests are not damaged.

some informal company, through low offer to attract customers, also fill in confidentiality agreements, but there is no secret intelligence, information security is difficult to guarantee and, some unscrupulous companies take the low bid, and escalating failures increase, if customers different prices, on destruction of customer on the original disk, customers and even other companies cannot be restored.

Second, recovery success rate.

it is well known that data recovery industry from its infancy to the present day, limited to the particularity of the disk-storage information and the development of domestic technological lag, the success rate of data recovery is still not up to the 100%, even the most simple logical failures of recovery, such as file delete up to 100%. Especially after the loss of customer data, will usually do a lot of work or attempt to recover, but rate reduced. Flying is the oldest in the data recovery industry professional data recovery company, has been committed to research on data recovery, has only 10 open clean room, Russia imported PC-3000 UDMA equipment, as well as a number of expert data recovery engineers can ensure data recovery success rate. Even so, data recovery is not entirely successful. In view of the complex data recovery situation, did not detect any commitment to fully recover before are not credible.

Thirdly, the enterprise scale

flying is a national chain of data recovery service providers, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Harbin, Jinan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Xian, Urumqi, Luoyang are entitled to the same standards of data recovery services. Networks within these locations by flying, make timely exchanges of information and communication, a fault recovery by multiple data recovery engineers to collaborate to protect customer data to maximize the recovery.

Finally, enterprises and Government departments to select

fly with the perfect service network, first-class technical service standards, as well as secret intelligence advantages, Huawei, and GE, IBM, AMD, BASF, a large number of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to provide data recovery services. 2008 participation in the Beijing information security test and evaluation Centre information emergency support project, provides data recovery services for the games.

due to the data on the disk once the damage cannot be recycled, so the data recovery industry in terms of technology, processes, qualifications have a certain threshold. Facing the current status of the data recovery company and bad, you must exercise caution when choosing a data recovery company, should not only consider the price, is more important to consider safety and success rate. Select the company-a most powerful flight data recovery center-means the selected security and hope.

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