Flight data recovery miracle

      as a professional data recovery center, fly in dealing with a variety of storage media with a wealth of experience. Customer applications are more complex, however, in addition to the conventional media such as hard drives and Flash memory, and other kinds of storage media have sometimes become the object of data recovery. Recent flight data services Center received a customer in Anyang, engineering machine systems needs to be restored. After more than half a month of effort, the project worth millions of machines finally resume work, during the course of twists and turns.  

helpless customers: flies become the last hope  

Zhang Gong is a Chief Engineer of the private enterprise's production line, this requires data recovery engineering machine is two years ago to spend  30  million dollars in Germany to buy products, responsible for important links in the entire line of industrial control. Recently, however, suddenly loses power at work, after restart no access control interface, screen prompts "read error". Some knowledge of Zhang Gong immediately judge this project machine project may only be destruction of memory, core components are not damaged, so decisively decided to seek professional help for data recovery center.  

Zhang Gong and Baidu  Google  search engine to quickly find a lot of data recovery companies, however several calls but he was cool. No company is willing to accept such a rare business, some service providers even told Zhang Gong of this type of failure is incurable, only to find another method of origin. But this machine was a special order, but also not guaranteed to find the manufacturer, this is Zhang Gong lost direction: If the data cannot be recovered, not only value  30  million dollar project was almost scrapped, and the opening of the second production line in two months, as the main equipment essential!  

at a time when desperate, Zhang Gong called fly (Beijing) data service center  800  toll free. In the initial communication with the engineers in, flying engineers to comfort Zhang Gong not to worry and said had not received a similar task before flying, but customers have the confidence to try flying, flying behind the data recovery center, after all, has a strong research and development group for support. Though not  100 % promise to Zhang Gong to recover data, but fly with real sincerity made Zhang Gong trust and invited Zhang Gong site visit flying's size and strength. There is no doubt that flying has become Zhang Gong's last hope, he has all their hopes on the fly, and pressure can be described as large.  

r emergency development: find a glimmer of hope  

because is not a conventional storage media, after Zhang Gong machine will be sent to Beijing, the engineer has a useful. According to the flying process for customers of each service request will not give up, engineers temporarily unable to deal with the case, immediately entered the discussion and development, aggregating multiple engineering and research and development cooperation, focusing on projects to overcome challenges.  

the joint analysis of researchers and engineers, and finally a basic understanding of the structure of the whole project. Its operating system is very small, only  1MB  or so, are stored directly in the firmware. Due to fly before passenger engineers had successfully dealt with a similar storage media, and researchers have also experienced, and thus essentially felt the way to solve the problem. Engineer Zhang Gong from Beijing to fly guests to find countermeasures, spent about three days ' time, immediately notify has returned after Zhang Gong, he has renewed hope, and encouraged to fly employees to continue their efforts.  

18-day efforts: the machine restarted  

after you find the way, went on to work more hard work. Fly leaders specifically specified a by two engineers and two working groups consisting of researchers, working overtime to study this issue. In the meantime, engineers and developers across all day business analysis and discussion, even weekends and never interrupted, also keep looking for related equipment and electronic components, overcame one problem after another.  

hard work pays off, and after 15 days and nights and fly finally succeeded in exporting data and recovery success, worth  30  million dollars of engineering machine can be restarted. When Zhang Gong arrived at Beijing's acceptance and excitement shown, also mixed kind of lost touch. According to terms of the contract, flying only charge  5000  fee. Zhang Gong because did not hold out much hope without much care on the contract price, in fact, according to his original idea, to get this project going again, spending a hundred thousand of Yuan are prepared. If flying off this country's largest data recovery center can do, so he may have to choose to give up. Excitement Zhang Gong insist the double pay and hospitality staff for dinner, but was declined by flying passengers one by one, after all, the effort for the customer data service is to fly the value!

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