Flies become CAs specified

   with the development of the PC, data security has become a top priority. National units and related agencies, cannot for the time being there is no need to invest huge sums to buy backup systems and remote backup software is not allowed to buy foreign, manual backup solutions that have become the major at this time. Possibility of negligence of any backup scheme will, however, result in loss of data as a result tend to cause a lot of damage. In order to solve these problems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in addition to strengthening the backup operation, specify flight data recovery center for permanent technical support unit, add a finally a solid barrier to valuable data.

Service category: large and normal company gain favor

dealing with data recovery market, must have general understanding in the overall pattern. Market keen investors and professionals stationed in the data recovery industry, technical strength have varied widely, however. If you select the wrong data recovery service provider for data security will be at a great disadvantage. Data recovery service providers currently fall into three main categories: the original HDD repair transformation of services, relying on large providers of new small-scale service providers, and super strong professional service providers. Whether the business model or the technical strength, these three categories of service providers vary widely, sometimes selecting what kind of success rate of data recovery service providers on fundamental decisions.

from long-term trends, the data recovery market system, standard management of technology or lack of service was eliminated, the industry also faces the reshuffling process. Strong service providers will further demonstrate the strength of the mass, but also the Government's guidance and collaboration. Recent flight data recovery center and Shanghai information service collaborates, launched the "convincing on-fly" as a new service brand, to see industry leaders emerging trends in the industry, is more strongly supported by the Government. In this context, the CAs specified flying as designated data recovery support units will follow.

technology and investment in research and development: flying steps

super strong professional service providers are users really worth taking and can be trusted. This type of service has a complete and strict operating procedures, along with strong technical and professional equipment. Customers get more rest assured service, put questions to the hard drive or other storage media to the service provider, to get everything by a professional engineer. Because there are no cumbersome intermediaries and technical strength support, so recovery success rate will be much higher, and data confidentiality are also reassuring.

during the process of contact with the fly, fly full understanding and approval of Chinese Academy of Sciences and technological prowess. Now flying is the only data recovery center has research and development team, holds a number of advanced core technology. In terms of equipment, a large area of Baiji super-clean and professional equipment showed a strong opening hardware capacity, and a number of senior engineers are authoritative.

already from the initial stage of data recovery industry entered a period of rapid development, and the mode of operation of small workshops also will be eliminated. Flight data recovery is headquartered in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xian branch was established, stores have been opened in major cities nationwide, and in Shanghai and Beijing, the two major cities also have a number of outlets. Currently flies are China Unicom, Huawei group and other big clients specified data recovery service providers. The Chinese Academy of Sciences will fly as the specified data recovery technical support unit, represents further recognition of flying, which promote the development of data recovery technology in China will also have a positive effect.

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