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           file data recovery, people's first thought was to fly. Fly guest since 2004 in China IT industry of concentrated to Beijing Zhongguancun established yilai, always station in data recovery technology of development forefront, regardless of is small to software fault errors delete, errors format of, errors Ghost,, big to large server disk array column RAID restructuring technology, hard disk opened, hard disk head two times reset and head heavy directed technology are in domestic data recovery industry territories leading, fly guest not only service Yu large, State, army, also service Yu mass, For ordinary customers and successfully restore disk data loss due to misoperation fault, won high praise from customers. In terms of data recovery technology, flew achieved a number of breakthroughs.  

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1 2004 years flew successfully resolve RAID5 technology problem, said goodbye to the data recovery company at home will only do data recovery PC, ignorant of RAID disk array technology of the status quo.

2 2004 years fly break HP Server through RAID5 recombinant technology, HP RAID5 RAID5 for data and parity information and common sorting, was one of concern about HP Server disk array technology.

3 2004 years flew successfully resolved in Linux systems, accidentally deleted files, how to manually fill out the Linux EXT3 file system files node under the system information (inode data structure) to recover the deleted file.

4 2004 years of flying under the master UFSJFS,XFS file systems under Unix system files accidentally deleted, formatted hard disk partition error caused data loss recovery method, at that time under the Unix data recovery technology is blind. Today, most data recovery companies of this technology is also very strange.

5 2005 year flying passengers developed their own software RAID reorganization, the common types of RAID (RAID0,RAID5,RAID6,RAID5E,RAID5EE,HP RAID5,RAID1) to quickly analyze restructuring. Is the first paragraph could be called with recovery software data recovery, is the data recovery software Runtime (United States), Winhex (Germany), R_Studio (Canada) fourth RAID reassembly software.

6 2005 years fly guests to set up a special database repair research laboratory, successfully address common database file corruption issues. Such as file attachments and the Sql Server database backup restore error No. 823, accidentally deleted Mysql database table record, entire table Truncate error, by parsing the database log files, 100% these issues has been successfully restored. Oracle database System01.dbf database load process can only be caused by damage to the mount status, unable to successfully open State to open the database. IBM DB2,Sybase database of common problems, has been a major breakthrough.

7 2005 years of flying into an international IT industry blue giant IBM partner, responsible for data recovery for IBM China business.

8 2005 year fly up China's Huawei company, responsible for the company's security of data recovery operations.

qualification certificate of 9 2005 year flying passengers access to State secret, national data recovery center is the second after the second qualification certificates of the secret data recovery company.

data recovery 10 2006 years flying external training service first issued the data recovery certificate (FCDA) company. Participants from the United States, Japan, Germany, Brazil, in dozens of countries such as China, Japan famous data recovery company to provide technical support and training.

11 2006 years flew successfully resolved a large disk array data storage challenges. Common cluster storage solutions such as SAN,NAS. Designed for the domestic large enterprises and disk array storage security solutions.

fly r 12 2007 year successfully developed China's first, second in the world (United States Runtime developed the first intelligent analysis software RAID) RAID5,RAID0 intelligent RAID block size, parity, and flow direction of the Intelligent analysis software of Fix RAID Datarecovery1.0 version of the RAID.

fly 13 2008 Olympic partners, is responsible for the data security of the Olympic Games.

fly domestic data recovery 14 2009 years to join business, within a very short period of time, flying from many cities of the country to join, and flew to join the company covers most developed areas in China cities.

15 2010-year flying start data recovery software and hardware security equipment development schedule.

16  flying direction of technology development in the coming years is to address hard drive data recovery problem.

these examples are flying on more than 10 technical development since its inception, the epitome of every technological breakthrough, flying now is China's biggest, most powerful, most technologically advanced data recovery company, has a large number of experts with high data recovery skills and academics. Leading data recovery technologies in China's technological innovations and breakthroughs every time. Within the next few years, flight data recovery center will continue to serve the country and the world, the concept of public service, creating a written data recovery technology of China's legendary myth.

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