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       in China, data recovery company has many, small to electronic market of computer maintenance, big to professional of data recovery company, are claiming to be data recovery success rate 100%, many customer due to on data recovery technology is strange, dang see some company profile publicity of data recovery success rate 100% of words, is big may to with data must can recovery out of mentality to this company do data recovery, General situation Xia, many company are is on customer of hard disk directly for recovery, great may caused data of two times damage, was can recovery of data, after has these not security of recovery, caused data of damage and cover, that data again also cannot success recovery has, so selected data recovery company to find some technology compared good, on customer data seriously is responsible for, responsible compared strong of company, is compared wise of select, I in accordance with personally experience to for everyone recommended a home domestic compared good of professional data recovery company-fly guest data recovery center, filed data recovery, industry people are will thought fly guest, because fly guest is China area maximum, strength most strong, technology most advanced of a data recovery company, why do data recovery to preferred fly guest does, we from fly guest of technology and service process to analysis about fly guest data recovery more other company good of place.  


fly advanced customer service processes, and advanced data recovery techniques:

1  to fly guest do data recovery of customer, preferred to signed wrote three a table single: first a table single   data recovery work single (records customer hard disk information as hard disk SN,, hard disk capacity, hard disk interface type, customer personal information and so on), second a table single   data recovery agreement (for guarantees customer interests), third a table single   data recovery confidential agreement (for on customer data for absolute confidential, not leaked customer data of any information), These comprehensive services process is not found in other data companies.

2  data recovery service except technology important yiwai, data of confidentiality, guarantees customer data not leaked is very important of, has data recovery involved key qualification certificate, is measure a data recovery company involved key capacity of a items height index, currently has this involved key qualification certificate of company only two home, national data recovery center and fly guest data recovery center, if you of data compared privacy and confidential, must to to has involved key qualification certificate of company, Fearing a similar scandal a data breach occurs.

3  flying hardware: hard drive data open, fly with only a level 10 open clean room, security opened the success rate of data recovery is greatly increased. PC3000, flew with from Russia directly imported Super UDMA hard disk repair feature, most data recovery companies are some of the cracked version of the equipment, fix poor data security cannot be guaranteed. In terms of data recovery software, flying passengers in addition to the introduction of foreign advanced data recovery software, fly r successfully developed their own Fix Datarecovery 1.0 version of data recovery software, this software makes up for the common features of the software on the market failed to recover from a hard drive failure type, RAID6 how restructuring, RAID6 P and Q How to calculate the check digit, And there are very few hard disk sector size not 512 bytes, these rare of a hard drive failure, flying can help you develop targeted data recovery software to recover successfully.

4  flying service and reflect the ability of large sudden failure of the server. Fly service stations in addition to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen outside also flew service outlets in other cities such as Xian, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Shenyang, Qingdao, Harbin, Dong Guan city, Urumqi, covering developed and middle of China's most developed city. These locations by flying within the network, ensuring the timely exchange of information and communication, a hard drive failure, a number of data recovery engineers to collaborate to ensure maximum recovery of customer data.

in large server aspects, fly guest established specifically of 24 hours emergency phone, regardless of what time are can timely effective of contact to fly guest of line engineers, in emergency equipment programme in the, fly guest has mass storage equipment, currently reached 100T of mass disk array column capacity, to guarantee customer disk array column each a hard disk are can completely mirror, not customer disk array column directly operation, avoid not necessary of two times damage and cover.

5  fly guest on database of repair is very professional of, not only on common of database type skilled yiwai, fly guest also success development out himself of database repair software, this paragraph software can do, as long as is database of table records save Yu database file in the, regardless of database whether can normal loaded open, are can through on database file bottom for scan heavy frame of way for recovery, as Sql Server cannot loaded restore, 823 error occurred when attaching the database files, Oracle database files System01.dbf files with a bad block, unable to open the database, only the mount status, which can fly using advanced database repair software recover successfully.

fly advanced and perfect customer service processes must guarantee the security of customer data, flying advanced data recovery technology, guarantees the customer the high success rate of data recovery. I think that data recovery, select Phone Phreak is a very wise choice.

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